Emigration & Second House

Owning real estate in Japan is not a simple matter of obtaining an asset. Many people see property ownership as a tool that offers them a fulfilling second life, providing enrichment and acting as an extension of their hobbies and recreational activities.
We can help you lead a rich and comfortable life through tradition, art, cuisine and leisure activities that you can only experience in Japan. We will follow up with you to manage your tax payments in Japan after the purchase of your property.




In recent years, the number of overseas investors in the Japanese real estate market has been increasing, however one advantage of investing in Japanese real estate from abroad when compared to other major urban centres internationally is that that prices are low, yields are high and there are few barriers to purchasing. Moreover, in recent years the depreciated yen has become a factor in encouraging investment.
We offer not only residential condominiums and houses, but also warehouses and business offices as logistics hubs as investment properties.



Company Establishment

Offices are popular investments because of their large size within the market and high levels of liquidity, but if you are considering doing business in Japan over the medium to long term or wish to establish an asset management company either for the convenience of purchasing real estate or for tax purposes, we can assist you with the procedures involved in setting up a company in Japan.
We provide support for the preparation of articles of incorporation, registration, and other documents necessary to establish a company, as well as for the operations associated with incorporation, in cooperation with specialized attorneys and tax accountants. We also provide consultation for those who only wish to incorporate companies in Japan.


The Steps Involved in Getting to the Contract Signing Stage

  • Step01



  • Step02


    Proposing Site
    Selection Criteria

  • Step03


    Deciding on a Property

  • Step04



  • Step05

    決済 & 物件の引き渡し

    Completion of payment &
    handover of the property

  • Step06


    Support with taxes and
    legal matters

Please feel free to contact us for a consultation.
Please let us know your requirements in detail, be it purchasing property or establishing a company and we will prepare a proposal for you.

In order for non-Japanese people to purchase Japanese property:

The Steps Involved in Purchasing Japanese Real Estate

  • 1

    Perform a preliminary inspection of the property

  • 2

    (If the purchase is confirmed) A certificate of purchase is issued

  • 3

    Confirmation of payment

  • 4

    You will receive an explanation of important matters

  • 5

    The purchase agreement will be executed.

  • 6

    The funds to be paid are prepared through overseas remittances or other relevant methods.

  • 7

    Settlement of payment and registration of of property.

  • 8

    A report is sent to the Minister of Finance.

After the purchase of the real estate, the tax office will issue forms for taxes such as the ''real estate acquisition tax' and 'property tax', and you will need to fill in these forms in order to file these taxes. If you purchase property as an investment, you will need to file a 'tax return' every year. As it is difficult to arrange tax affairs from abroad, it is important to nominate a 'tax agent' who will represent you in tax filing procedures in Japan.We can also manage your tax payments after you purchase the property. When someone from outside Japan buys property in the country, the process is essentially the same as a when a Japanese person does so, except for the method of payment.
However, when non-Japanese who are not resident in Japan purchase real estate in Japan, they can run into trouble due to language barriers and differences in business practices. Therefore, selecting a trustworthy real estate broker is of the upmost importance.

For those who are resident abroad and of non-Japanese citizenship who are purchasing Japanese real estate, it is advisable to set up an 'asset management company. Owing to 'substantial tax benefits', in recent years incorporation has emerged as a popular real estate management strategy.

An asset management company is a legal entity whose business purpose is asset management. It is also called a "private company" because you set up a company for yourself and manage it yourself.

It is common for people who already have assets to establish such companies to save tax. However, in recent years, there has been an increase in the number of cases where asset management companies have been newly established to invest in real estate.


Advantages of Forming an Asset Management Company

  • Advantages01

    A wide range of items can be expensed

    The main attraction in establishing a property management company to conduct real estate leasing operations is that all expenses used to generate income can be expensed. This allows for a much wider range of expenses than when managing such matters privately. In addition, because executive compensation and severance pay paid by the company to itself can also be treated as expenses, this reduces company profits and correspondingly lowers the tax burden. In addition, as executive remuneration and retirement allowances are subject to employment income deductions and retirement income deductions, it is also possible to reduce the income tax burden.

  • Advantages02

    It is possible to participate in social insurance

    Another advantage of establishing an asset management company to manage real estate as a "corporation" is that it affords you to the ability to participate in government social insurance (health insurance and employee pension insurance). For those who wish to move to Japan in the future, it is good to know about this benefit.

  • Advantages03

    It allows for the gifting of assets during one's lifetime

    When an individual manages their own real estate, the income received from the assets is their property. Conversely, if a corporation manages real estate and receives income, it can provide salaries to a spouse, child, or grandchild from that income, thereby giving the effect of a living gift.

  • Advantages04

    Inheritance processes can be handled more smoothly

    The ability to handle inheritance processes more smoothly is one major benefit of establishing asset management company. Rather than passing on real estate through co-ownership in preparation for inheritance, it is smoother to sell it to a corporation before death and convert it into a financial asset in the form of cash or corporate stock for smooth division and succession.

When a non-Japanese person sets up a new business in Japan, it is necessary to establish a corporate company and obtain a visa.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are considering setting up an asset management company or nominating a tax agent when purchasing real estate in Japan.


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